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Crystal is a high-quality, hard-wearing metalized floor polish that creates a long-lasting shine to almost any hard floor. We use it as part of our floor care plan to bring your commercial floors back up to standard and enhance their appearance immediately. 
Used for commercial floor cleaning as the perfect floor polishing and floor coatings product for heavy traffic areas. It contains special enhancers to protect against water spotting and spillages. Crystal, extra strong formula acts as a floor coating which is easily burnished and washed to produce a scuff and slip-resistant lustrous finish. For floor polishing, Crystal is economical in use and can easily be removed with our floor polish remover, Sure Strip.
This Crystal floor polish ensures a deep gloss shine and protection on all hard clean, dry floor surfaces including vinyl, thermoplastic, rubber, linoleum, composition, and terrazzo, marble, sealed wood and sealed cork.
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